Guangzhou Brad Clark Music Co.,Ltd is a guitar preamp manufacturer who features Mr Bradley Clark's new inventions, the 2.0 era of this industry. It is by far the most realistic reproduction of the instrument's acoustic sound, and the clearest.

'Supernatural' Power Preamps provide proven high output, power hot component sensors inputted into the most sophisticated flexible acoustic guitar preamplifier ever produced. Akin to well managed brut powered engines.

Mr Bradley Clark, the Australian luthier,  former CEO of Maton Guitars, and founder of Cole Clark guitars C the legendary man who single-handedly built the guitar manufacturing industry in Australia.

Served as CEO in Maton Guitar for 10 years, Mr.Clark designed all the guitar models, made all the jigs and recreated its machinery. He also created Maton's own pickup system, which is still used by Mr. Tommy Emannuel till this day. Clark grew the companys production and revenues 6 fold and turned Maton from a small factory suffering from the edge of bankruptcy to a world known prestigious brand. Found Australian guitarist Mr. Tommy Emannual, signed him as Matons endorsee, and marketed him in Europe and all around the world. Mr. Tommy Emannuel  still uses Clarks preamp system and guitar till this day.

 (The patent for pickup was acquired before joining Maton. Mr Ikutaro Kakehashi from Roland attempted to purchase that patent, he said to Clark: Loot at you, this wont be the last thing you will invent.Unfortunately the deal was not successful due to one partner, Mr. Steward's passing.) 

In 2001 Mr. Clark found Cole Clark guitars, using Spanish method of intrigal neck. The guitar and pickup system is still used by pros such as Mr. Jack Johnson and various others. Before he left for China, some major steps were made such as three way cross over: Ideas and patents of which borrowed by some major brands of the industry.

In 2009 Mr. Clark came to China, doing R&D for Cordoba Guitars in Fujian Yufeng Factory. In 2011, Mr. Clark started managing Guangzhou Ashton guitar factory - the joint venture of Australis Music Group and Kapok Guitars (a branch of Pearl River Group).

In late 2013, Australis drew from the joint venture, and Mr. Clark started his own preamp project. Four years of R&D and testing, all the hard yards

In 2017, Supernatural preamps enters into the market.

Bradley Clark interviewed by journalist from the Australian Magazine 'Age', in Guangzhou Ashton Factory.

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